Background story

The tale of Star Control after Star Control II is told on a separate page, so that this one can be kept simple.

New possibilities

A while ago, Toys for Bob, the creators of Star Control 1 and 2 (but not 3), made it known that they were in talks with the Powers That Be at Activision about what their next game should be.
They decided that the stars are finally right, and are trying to convince the Powers that their next game should be a Star Control game. And they're asking the fans for help.
If we could send them mails in support of a new Star Control, they could use those as a powerful argument in the discussion.
So here we are.

How to help?

This form is intended to make showing your support for a new Star Control as easy as possible. What you fill in below will only be used for this purpose.
If you prefer to use your own email client to show your support, you should send your email to

Alternatively, you can choose to send Toys for Bob a letter on paper. A paper show of support is bound to carry more weight. Their postal address is

        Toys for Bob
        Hanger 4 Hamilton Landing
        Suite 210
        Novato, CA 94949
        United States

UPDATE: To show to the Activision people that there is worldwide support for a new Star Control game, and to remind them of Star Control every time they visit the Toys for Bob office, Toys for Bob producer Alex Ness is making a map with photos of Star Control fans, to be prominently displayed. You can read more about it here.

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