The Ur-Quan Masters v0.7.0

All released files can also be found from our project page's files section.

System requirements and more general information is available on the info page.

A list of changes since previous releases is available.

New releases are announced on our sc2-announce mailing list.

Windows installer:

NOTE: If you have a version of The Ur-Quan Masters older than 0.3 installed, you MUST uninstall it before installing v0.7.0! If you have version 0.3 or later, you can safely install 0.7.0 over it.

MacOS X:

NOTE: The default macOS download includes only the base content. If you wish to add the 3DO soundtrack or voices, download the uqm-0.7.0-voice.uqm and uqm-0.7.0-3domusic.uqm packages below and copy them into the Contents/Resources/content/addons directory inside the The Ur-Quan package.


Many distributions now provide UQM in their own package format. We'll add links here as soon as we hear about them. Note that these aren't maintained by us and they might contain some minor differences to our "vanilla" source tree.


Various BSD distributions have UQM in their ports tree. Note that these aren't maintained by us and they might contain some minor differences to our "vanilla" source tree.

Other Systems:

The Ultronomicon, the UQM wiki, contains a list of ports to other systems (mostly handhelds). These ports are not maintained by us, and may not necessarilly be up-to-date, and may contain some differences to our "vanilla" source tree.

Source code:

To compile UQM, you need to have SDL 1.2.14 (or newer), SDL_image 1.2.10 (with png support), libogg and libvorbis, and zlib installed. See doc/users/unixinstall after unpacking for full instructions.


NOTE: The package format has changed since 0.6.0. Unlike with previous releases, you need new content packages with UQM 0.7.0.

The official Ur-Quan Masters remix packs

Add-on packages:

These packages go in the content/addons directory inside the directory where The Ur-Quan Masters is installed. On Windows, these can be installed from the installer. On other platforms, you'll need to copy them yourself. You can choose whether you want to hear the original or the remixes from inside the setup menu in the game.


These aren't real addon packs, just ordinary .zip files with some extra information and bonus material. If you want to use any of them in the game, you will need to make your own add-on .zip from their contents.

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